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Hans Zatzka (Austrian painter) 1859 - 1945

Hans Zatzka was an Austrian Academic and fantasy painter. He also painted under the names Zabateri, P. Ronsard, Pierre de Ronsard, Joseph Bernard, H. Zabateri,and Bernárd Zatzka. Zatzka always painted freely to the canvas without sketches. Models were his first wife, who died in 1912 of a heart attack, and his two daughters from that marriage (Martha Dolezel, 1899-1982, and her sister). His son Fritz was also a painter and draftsman. To Zatzka main motifs are the Madonna and Christ images, Guardian Angel Pictures, elves, cupids, sensuous female figures, genre scenes, allegories and other popular motifs. Zatzka also turned to mythological scenes from the operas of Richard Wagner. He is considered a pioneer in the mundane bedroom image.

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