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    The classic period in the painting art world is considered to have ended around 1850. It starts roughly at the Renaissance, around 1300 and ends with the Impressionists about 1860. We can safely say that Claude Monet ended a period in history, helped by the legacy of JMW Turner.


    What is considered Classic art, for us, encompass the Renaissance, the Neoclassicism, and the Romantic period. But we added as well some Neo Classicists from a later time, as their painting is reminiscent of the classic period. It is characterized by precise rendering of details and static scenes, subjects painted in realistic poses and mythological subjects.


    What you will find in our website collection is more like a theme guided by the idea of Classicism, when painters were considered as artisans, often working on orders.

    The purpose of the painting’s then was decoration of the rich's houses; and the art world, guided by the market art value of an art form, was not born yet.


    Some Impressionists, or at least artists working at the end of the classic era, sneaked their way into the collections as well.

    We are not very strict, and the end of the period is blurry, to say the least: just search for your favorite artists by name, and see where it lands. :)


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    Our classic oil painting reproductions are guaranteed 100% like the original artwork.

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