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Best quality modern and classical art prints on canvas in high definition.
Vibrant colors, superior Canson canvas and inks, top of the line framing and chassis.

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Modern art canvas print impeccably done

As much as we are fans of classical paintings, modern art is more en vogue for the time being.

Reproducing modern paintings can be extremely difficult. It requires a different set of skill for the painter to get all perfectly right: the movements, the brush strokes, the colors. With canvas prints of modern art, problem solved.

All our artworks printed on canvas match perfectly the colors and details of the original paintings. Or the original photography, whatever the material is. There is absolutely no difference, and it will cost you a fraction of the price.


Classical art canvas prints

Buying an original classical painting is out of the equation for most of us. High-quality oil painting reproductions of classical painting remains expensive, as the work and hours needed to do the reproduction are enormous.

Why not opting for a high-quality print of classical art instead?

Our prints on canvas are made on high-quality thick Canson 395g/sqm fabric, with the best inks, printed thick. You will not have the brushstrokes, but not far from it. Every piece of art is printed in high definition, replicating the original masterpiece perfectly. The result is a luxury product that will last for ages - we guarantee the colors for 99 years.


What do we consider Classical paintings?

The classical period in the painting art world is considered to have ended around 1850. It starts roughly at the Renaissance, around 1300 and ends with the Impressionists about 1860. We can safely say that Claude Monet ended a period in history, helped by the legacy of JMW Turner.

What is considered Classical art, for us, encompass the Renaissance, the Neoclassicism, and the Romantic period. But we added as well some Neo Classicists from a later time, as their painting is reminiscent of the classical period. It is characterized by precise rendering of details and static scenes, subjects painted in realistic poses and mythological subjects.

What you will find in our website collection is more like a theme guided by the idea of Classicism, when painters were considered as artisans, often working on orders.

The purpose of the painting’s then was decoration of the rich's houses and the art world, guided by the market art value of an art form, was not born yet.

So, what do we call Modern art in this website?

Well, one has to order things logically, so we call Modern art all the art made after the Classical period, starting roughly with Monet and the Impressionist. It seems more intuitive like that, and why make things complicated? What is important is that you find the canvas prints you like on our website.

Prints by Themes

All the other prints are in this open category, it means all the images that are not in the two other category. Modern photography prints, Japanese prints on wood, Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings, but as well paintings in the style of an artist.

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Buying a real oil painting reproduction of a painting is often too expensive, this due to the amount of work needed to realize the artwork, and most people can't afford a fancy reproduction equivalent to a museum quality reproduction.

We will make for you a high-quality giclée reproduction of the artwork, thanks to our large collection of paintings in high definition. Your canvas prints will be perfect.

However, If you prefer a real oil painting reproduction please click this link.

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