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About Poppins' shop

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20 August, 2021
We are a printing all kinds of images on high-quality canvas or paper, rolled, framed or on stretchers. 100000+ images to choose from or submit your own.

I will tell you why you should buy from my shop, not at the one near your place, or at a cheaper price.

When we talk about Poppins' shop, we are not talking about cheap printing service, on polyester sheets. We are talking about a real thick cotton canvas and/or professional photographer's paper, with top-grade inks. The canvases are coated with a protective UV varnish. Not the kind of things you can print yourself at home with your inkjet printer, otherwise, what would be the point?

It is about the quality of your art prints on canvas. We use top-quality materials. Let me prove it to you.

Poppins retrieving a printed canvas at Poppins shop

What makes the difference in our products?

We are dedicated to only using top - shelf material: canvas, papers, inks, wood frames and even glaze are carefully chosen among the best brand available on the market.

The difference between a print that you do at home with your computer and your small printer, and what we do, are sizes and material. It is that simple. And the fact that we carefully crafted each one.


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Exceptional framed paper prints

The prints are made on Art Paper of Photographic paper, 320gsm, with native Epson inks, that are guaranteed for 200 years.


Beautiful and modern composite black or white frames for a superb feel. Or choose our top-notch superior wood framing.

High-quality cotton canvas

Our 380gsm 100% cotton canvas is soft to feel and prepped with a gesso that ensure the perfect colors rendering for any image you print on it. We add a varnish coating that prevent UV discoloration as well.


Many competitors use polyester canvas, but we go for traditional - it's not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Image article About Poppins' shop

We specialize in classical art prints, painting reproductions of classic artworks, mostly due to personal taste, but as well because we have high-definition images of every single classical painting in our collection. That, coupled with a printing on museum level canvas, with top of the shelf inks, makes us the print shop you want to consider for an exceptional artwork to hang on your wall.

That said, we can print any modern art as well, given the image quality is good enough, and print your high-definition photos on canvas or photographer quality paper. Do not hesitate to contact our printing studio for a quotation.

Classical art canvas prints

Buying an original classical painting is out of the equation for most of us. High-quality oil painting reproductions of classical painting remain expensive, as the work and hours needed to do the reproduction are enormous.

Why not opt for a high-quality print of classical art instead?

Our prints on canvas are made on high-quality thick Ilford 320 GSM fabric, with the best inks, printed thick. You will not have the brushstrokes, but not far from it. Every piece of art is printed in high definition, replicating the original masterpiece perfectly. The result is a luxury product that will last for ages - we guarantee the colors for 99 years.

Modern art canvas print impeccably done

As much as we are fans of classical paintings, modern art is more en vogue at the moment.

Reproducing modern paintings can be extremely difficult. It requires a different set of skills for the painter to get all perfectly right: the movements, the brush strokes, the colors. With canvas prints of modern art, problem solved.

All our artworks printed on canvas match perfectly the colors and details of the original paintings. Or the original photography, whatever the material is. There is absolutely no difference, and it will cost you a fraction of the price.

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