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Shipping and returns

Shipping and returns

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18 August, 2021
All our Canvas are custom-made and built and being crafted and adjusted manually to make sure it has the best quality to satisfy your needs, but anyway...


A rolled artwork will ship within a week from our studio with a secure shipping company, usually Fed-Ex or UPS.

If you chose the framed option, the artwork will ship within two weeks. We need time to print it, prepare the stretchers to fit it, and make the frame. There are no standard size, so all are custom-made to your chosen print size. After that, we wrap it in a sturdy card box, to make sure it travels safely.


Are there import taxes?

We pay the taxes and shipping cost from Vietnam. However, depending on your country, there may be import taxes. Typically, in the range of $ 10-20; it all depends on the country, the latest regulations in place, the size of the print and its custom declared price. Note that canvases sent mounted on a frame are generally more taxed than rolled canvases.


Images quality

A print on canvas is just an image that we print for you on a specific support. It is NOT a hand-painted reproduction, and it may have flaws, especially if you look too close at large-scale prints. A print a little blurry when you look at it up close is not a condition for refund.

1) Prints of old pictures will be of lesser quality up close, and should be seen at optimal distance. Kindly read our article: Good viewing distance for your prints

2) There may be several photos of the same print circulating on the net, with of course different colors. To make the print, we use the model which is on our site, which is the only one that is valid in case of disagreement.

3) If there is a flaw on the original photo, it will appear on the print.

4) The perceived difference of colors/hue/contrast between your screen and the print you received does not entitle you for a refund. The perceived difference comes from your screen set-up - too bright, too dark, too much contrast, hue difference, etc. The image we print in the real world is the only one that counts.

5) Some prints that are not available in HD may appear blurred in the largest scales. Ask us if it is ok before ordering large-scale prints.

That said, we have the best images available on the internet. If our print resolution is not good enough, it is because the image does not exist otherwise.


Extra shipping for isolated or remote location

Shipping is understood within regular shipping destinations, but some remote location can add an extra cost that will remain at customer's charge. We believe that you know if you are in one: be so kind and let us know when you place your order.



Our team works extremely hard to produce the best products for our customers; therefore, we STRICTLY DO NOT offer refunds on orders made mistakenly or if you change your mind. Once an order is placed, the item is considered sold.


If for any reason there was a mistake on our side, a refund will be made, or a replacement sent, within 7 days after you received your prints at the most. Please do not come with claims a month or a year after having received your artwork.

We are eager to recognize our mistake and will gladly replace any print that does not give you entire satisfaction - within reasonable limits, of course.


Once you receive your package, please, open it right away to check if there is anything wrong. DO NOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES let the prints rolled in their tube after purchase. The inks are dry, there is a varnish, but it may crack as it is still new if you let it dry rolled in the tube in a warm place for a long period of time before unrolling it. Be smart, it is a new custom job that was made only for you, not a print you bought in a supermarket. Thank you for that.


Please note we will not refund, under any circumstances, a print damaged during shipping, and that shipping is not refundable. The shipping company is solely responsible for the shipping.

Check the package and your prints upon arrival, before signing the delivery bill.
1) If the shipping company damaged the print during transport, refuse to sign off the bill and the shipping company will return the package to us, then we will deal with them directly and send you a new one as soon as possible.

2) If you received the goods, there is nothing we can do anymore.

3) If you want a real secure shipping, order the canvas prints rolled in a tube, then have them mounted in your country. It is usually cheaper than paying the transport, and it is way safer than large canvas mounted.

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