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Hugo Salmson (Swedish painter) 1843 - 1894

Hugo Salmson Fredrik is a Swedish painter born July 7, 1843 in Stockholm, and died 1 August 1894 in Lund. He is the brother of writer Johan Salmson and lithographer Jakob Axel Salmson. Hugo Salmson was a student of the Academy of Arts since 1862. He painted förlorade sonens återkomst Den (The Return of the Prodigal Son) in 1866, and watercolours Duett från 1600 talet berättar and Don Quixote (Don Quixote says), as well as historical reasons Jagellonika och Swedish Katarina Persson and Sten Sture den yngres Mote med Gustaf Trolle in 1967, exhibited in the cathedral of Uppsala. This allowed him to get the medal of the king and the travel grant from the Academy, he was honoured in 1868 to 1873. He moved to Paris, where he became a pupil of Pierre-Charles Comte. Hugo Salmson real success dates from the time he joined the contemporary French direction, which occupied outdoor study. As an open-air painter, he was fairly moderate and self-controlled, studies in the open air was compiled and reproduced in the studio. Better known perhaps is the artist for their street life stories, both from France, Picardie, and from Dalarna. As a change from the peasant and folk motifs Salmson painted also refined elegant interiors, such as this, with designs from a conservatory with mother and daughter. Salmson was a very talented painter and he was of great importance for the Swedish art so that he was the first of his countrymen and colleagues presented the program for the 1870 - and 1880-century modern denomination painting and he brought the most advanced technology from France to homeland. Hugo Salmson became in 1880 a member of the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm. He was one of the Opponents of the year 1885 and then put into the Artists' League auspices. As a person Salmson was seen as accurate and perhaps a little to crazy. In a Parisian gallery of artists' portraits he was presented as un silencieux. 

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