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Franz Richard Unterberger (Austrian painter) 1838 - 1902

Son of an art dealer, Franz-Richard Unterberger studied painting in Munich in the 1850s, and then moved to Dusseldorf in the 1860s where he focused on mountain landscapes. He is perhaps best-known for his vedute of Venice, Amalfi and Naples, of which this is a particularly impressive example. Source: Sotheby's * * * Born into a large bourgeoisie family in Innsbruck, Franz Richard Unterberger studied at the Academy of Munich under Clemens von Zimmermann (1788-1869) and Julius Lange (1817-1878). Following this, he attended the Academy of Weimar, before moving to Düsseldorf to work with Oswald von Achenbach (1827-1905) at the Academy of Düsseldorf. Unterberger felt that the market might be more lucrative in Belgium, and therefore moved to Brussels in 1864, a place he would return to throughout his life. As international tourism grew during this period, Unterberger's works, which depicted many of the popular European resorts, and included views of Italy, England, Norway, Denmark, and France, found a ready market amongst the burgeoning middle classes.

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