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Laurits Tuxen (Danish painter) 1853 - 1927

Laurits Tuxen (9 December 1853 – 21 November 1927) was a Danish painter and sculptor specialising in figure painting. He was also associated with the Skagen Painters. He was the first head of Kunstnernes Frie Studieskoler, an art school established in the 1880s to provide an alternative to the education offered by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Lauritz Regner Tuxen grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was the son of Nicolai Elias Tuxen (1810-1891) and Bertha Laura Giødvad (1815-1908). His father was a naval officer and director of the Danish naval shipyard (Orlogsværftet). The still life-and flowerpainter Nicoline Tuxen (1847-1931) was his older sister. From 1868-1872, he studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Art together with Peder Severin Krøyer (1851–1909). He studied in the Paris studio of Léon Bonnat during 1875-1876 and again from 1877-1878. He first visited Skagen in 1870, returning on several occasions. In the 1880s and 1890s, he travelled widely painting portraits for Europe's royal families including Christian IX of Denmark, Queen Victoria and the Russian royalty. Kunstnernes Frie Studieskoler was founded in Copenhagen during 1882, at the initiative of a group of dissatisfied students from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and as a reaction to the outdated teachings at the Academy. Laurits Tuxen became the school's first director and Peder Severin Krøyer one of its teachers. In 1914 he made a study trip to Greece to paint the entry of George I of Greece into Salonika, for the Christian castle. He made lively and well-characterized portraits, among them his self-portrait in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and portraits of P. S. Krøyer, in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. He also made portraits in sculpture, including a portrait group of Krøyer and Michael Ancher. Tuxen went on to paint a number of landscapes in and around Skagen, but also completed a number of paintings of his family, friends and garden flowers. He was married in 1886 to Charlotte Pauline Ursule de Baisieux (1862-1899). In 1901, after the death of his first wife, he married Frederikke Kos Treschow (1856-1946). He subsequently purchased Madam Bendsen's house in Skagen in the north of Jutland, converting it into a stately summer residence. He died in 1927 at Copenhagen. Source: Wikipedia * * * Nicoline Tuxen (Danish painter) 1847 - 1931 Bertha Nicoline Tuxen was a Danish painter of still lifes, flowers,and portraits. Nicoline Tuxen was a daughter of the naval officer and director of the Orlogsværftet Nicolai Elias Tuxen (1810-1891) and his wife Bertha Laura Giødvad (1815-1908). Her younger brother was the sculptor and painter Laurits Tuxen. Since women were not allowed to study at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts before 1888, she took lessons with Vilhelm Kyhn at his private drawing school for women (Tegneskolen for Kvinder), which existed between 1865 and 1895. Several study trips led her later to Paris. In 1891 she was awarded the Neuhausen Prize (De Neuhausenske Præmier) and in 1893 with a scholarship from the Royal Academy. Nicoline Tuxen was regularly represented at the prestigious Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition (Forårsudstilling) in Copenhagen from the middle of the 1880s. Further exhibitions with her participation were, for example, the Palace of Fine Arts at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois.[2], an exhibition in Antwerp 1894 and the "Nordische Kunstausstellung" Lübeck 1895. She mainly painted flower pictures and still life, in later years also portraits. Their works bear the unmistakable stamp of the Danish Golden Age of painting. Nicoline Tuxen remained unmarried, she died in Frederiksberg at the age of 83 and was buried at the Holmens Cemetery in Copenhagen. 

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