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Johan Tirén (Swedish painter) 1853 - 1911

Johan Tirén was a Swedish artist born in Själevad, Angermanland. He studied at the Technical School and the Academy of Art in Stockholm and then went to Germany, Italy and Paris. He was the brother of Charles Tirén. Apart from some portraits and landscapes he painted genre paintings with motifs from Lapland. He depicted mainly the northern mountain landscape and Sami life in a realistic ethnological detail. He was strongly committed to the Sami cause and their rights. He is represented at the Nordic Museum and the Academy in Stockholm and the Swedish provincial museums. * * * Gerda Tirén (Swedish illustrator and artist) 1858 - 1928 Gerda Tirén studied at the Art Academy in Stockholm and then in Paris. She then painted including landscapes, children's pictures and genre motifs. She painted images of children magazine Claus. Best known she was perhaps through his black and white illustrations for Children Library Saga edition of Robinson Crusoe year 1899. Gerda Tirén was married since 1884 to artist Johan Tirén.

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