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Agnes Slott-Møller (Danish painter) 1867 - 1937

Agnes Slott-Møller trained at the Tegneskolen for Kvinder (Design School for Women) 1878-85, and later with the renowned Danish artist Peder Severin Krøyer from 1885 to 1886. Following her marriage to fellow artist Harald Slott-Møller, she travelled to Italy where she came under the influence of early Renaissance art. It was her frequent trips to England, however, that had the most profound effect on her art. We see in the way in which she depicts figures in her paintings of scenes from fairytales, folk songs and legends the influence of such artist as Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones. While in England, she also met with artists associated with the Arts and Crafts Movemement and with the English journal, The Studio. Her scenes of Danish medieval history and poetic ballads reflect this interest in the late nineteenth century English cult of the aesthetic. Like those artists involved with the Arts and Crafts Movement, Slott-Møller took great care in devoting time to uniting her images with their frames, which are often ornamented with fine details and elaborate carvings. * * * Harald Slott-Møller (Danish painter and ceramist) 1864 - 1937 Georg Harald Slott-Møller was married to the painter Agnes Slott-Møller. He was the son of merchant Carl Emil Møller and Anna Maria born Møller. After visiting the Academy prep school he painted 3 years under PS Krøyer, debuted in 1886 at the spring exhibition and attracted in 1888 the attention by its large, vivid characterization photo Poor people. Harald Slott-Møller is known for his portraits of prominent Southern Jutland and South Schleswig, which is suspended in Flensburg in Flensburg . The portraits appear each with its own individual background, a landscape or some characteristic buildings. Slott-Møller was associated with faience factory Aluminia 1902-1906, but left the position because he had problems with his colleague Christian Joachim. In 1919 he became a Knight of the Dannebrog. He is buried at Holmen's Cemetery. He is portrayed in a double portrait (Directions or Comrades, 1886) of Harold and Agnes Slott-Møller, painted by both. His self-portrait appears also in the painting Migratory birds (1909, study drawing this same year). Another self-portrait is in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence 1924 (painted preliminary study of the same year). Drawing by Agnes Slott-Møller 1887 and of Karl Jensen (Frederiksborg Museum) and of Rasmus Christiansen , Viggo Afzelius and Herluf Jensenius. 

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