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Anthony Sands (British dyer and painter) 1806 - 1883

Anthony Sands was originally a dyer with a firm of textile weavers in Norwich, but later became a drawing master and professional painter. His son Frederick Sandys (his son adopted the spelling with a 'y' in about 1855) painted at least two oil portraits of his father around 1850. * * * Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys (British painter, illustrator and draughtsman) 1829 - 1904 Sandys was born Antonio Frederic Augustus Sands, but usually known as Frederick Sandys. He married Georgiana Creed, but this marriage only lasted three years, although they never divorced. He had a long affair with the Romany woman Keomi Gray, who sat as a model both for him and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and perhaps also for Simeon Solomon. He and Gray had at least two sons. In 1862 Sandys met actress Mary Emma Jones, known as Miss Clive, when she modeled for The Magdalen, now owned by the Norwich Castle Museum. A relationship developed between the two, he became devoted to her, taking her as his common-law wife for the rest of his life. She gave birth to a large number of children, 10 of whom were raised under the name of Neville and survived after Sandys' death. His work Proud Maisie made in 1867, was inspired by Mary, so much so that he made at least 11 versions by 1904. He died in the Kensington area of London in 1904. * * * Emma Sandys (born Mary Ann Emma Sands) (British painter) 1843 - 1877 Emma was the daughter of Norwich artist, Anthony Sandys (pronounced 'Sands') and the sister of the better known Pre-Raphaelite related artist, Frederick Sandys (1829-1904). Her father was responsible for her early training as an artist but it is the work of her brother who influenced her most in terms of style, subject matter and a highly finished technique. In also sharing Frederick's props and frames, much of Emma's work has often been mistaken for her brother's. It is only recently that her work has started gaining more recognition. * * * Winifred Sandys (British artist) 1875 - 1944 Winifred Sandys was the eldest daughter of the painter Frederick Augustus Sandys. Taught by her father, she became a successful artist exhibiting both pastels and watercolours.

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