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Noël Laura Nisbet (British painter) 1887 - 1956

Noel Laura Nisbet came from an artistic Scottish family. She was the youngest daughter of Hume Nisbet, an artist, author and traveller. Her sister Margaret also became a painter. The family moved to London in 1887 and she won numerous awards while studying at the Clapham School of Art. In 1910 she married Harry Bush, a fellow student. Four years later her father set up his artistic daughters in two houses, with purpose-built attic studios, on an estate then being built in Merton Park, south west London. They were to live there for the rest of their lives; Harry Bush was to immortalise their world in his pictures of suburban London. Nisbet illustrated five books of fairy tales and legends and the majority of her Royal Academy exhibits (1914-1938) are of such subjects. 

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