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Christian Krohg (Norwegian painter) 1852 - 1925

Christian Krohg was a Norwegian naturalist painter, illustrator, author and journalist. Krohg was the son of lawyer and statesman Georg Anton Krohg (1817–73) and the grandson of Christian Krohg (1777–1828) who was a government minister. Krohg studied law at the University of Oslo (then Christiania) (1869–73) and was educated in Germany at the Baden School of Art in Karlsruhe under Hans Gude, and later worked in Paris from 1881 to 1882. Inspired by the ideas of the realists he chose motives primarily from everyday life – often its darker or socially inferior sides. Particularly well known are his pictures of prostitutes. Prostitution is also the subject of his novel Albertine (1886), which caused a scandal when first published, and was confiscated by the police. (See also related painting in the gallery below). Krohg’s powerful and straightforward style made him one of the leading figures in the transition from romanticism to naturalism, characteristic of Norwegian art in this period. Through his periodic residence at Skagen, where he arrived for the first time in 1879, he had great influence on Anna and Michael Ancher, and provided early support to Edvard Munch. Krohg was the founding editor of the Bohemian journal, Impressionisten, in 1886. He then became a journalist in the Oslo newspaper Verdens Gang from 1890 to 1910, where he wrote remarkable portrait interviews. Later he became a professor director at the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts|The Norwegian Academy of Arts (Statens Kunstakademi) 1909-1925. He was married to artist Oda Krohg and was the father of muralist Per Lasson Krohg. There are notable paintings by Christian Krohg in the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo and the Skagens Museum in Denmark. * * * Oda Krohg, née Othilia Pauline Christine Lasson (Norwegian painter) 1860 - 1935 Oda Krohg (11 June 1860 – 19 October 1935) was a Norwegian painter, and the wife of her teacher and colleague Christian Krohg. * * * Per Krohg (Norwegian painter) 1889 - 1965 Per Lasson Krohg (18 June 1889 – 3 March 1965) was a Norwegian artist. He is most frequently associated with the mural he created for the United Nations Security Council Chamber, located in the United Nations building in New York City. Per Krohg was born in Åsgårdstrand, Norway, the son of painters Christian Krohg and Oda Krohg. The family lived in Paris, where Per Krohg grew up. He showed artistic talent early, and studied first with his father (from 1903 to 1907), then with Henri Matisse (from 1909 to 1910). In the early years he worked as a newspaper illustrator and taught tango in Paris. Krohg's work as an artist covered a wide field, from paper drawings, illustrations, and posters to set design, sculpture, and monumental paintings. After returning to Norway in 1930 he taught at the National College of Art and Design in Oslo.[2] During the Second World War, he was a forced laborer at the Veidal Prison Camp.[3] In 1946 he was appointed professor at the National Art Academy, and served as its director from 1955 to 1958. Among others, his students included artists Frithjof Tidemand-Johannessen and Tulla Blomberg Ranslet. Krohg created the murals for the United Nations Security Council Chamber, located in the United Nations building in New York City. He adorned many other public buildings with large frescoes, including the Physics and Chemistry Buildings at the University of Oslo and the Oslo City Hall. He is represented at the National Museum for Art and Skagens Museum. In 1950 he received the King's Medal of Merit in gold, and 1955 he was appointed Commander of the Order of St. Olav. From 1936 he was a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and in 1948 he was awarded the Prince Eugen Medal. He was married twice. In 1915 he married textile artist Cécile Marie ("Lucy") Vidil (1891–1977). Their marriage was dissolved in 1934. He was married in 1934 to Ragnhild Helene Andersen (1908–1972). He was the father of Norwegian artist Guy Krohg (1917–2002). * * * Guy Krohg (Norwegian painter) 1917 - 2002 Guy Krohg (27 July 1917 – 19 October 2002) was a Norwegian painter, illustrator and scenographer. He was born in Kristiania, the son of painter Per Krohg and grandson of Christian Krohg and Oda Krohg. He was married to Lilian Smith from 1940, and to actress Sossen Krohg from 1949. He is represented at the National Gallery with Vintersol from 1954 and other works. He worked for a number of theatres, including Oslo Nye Teater, Studioteatret, Det Norske Teatret and Nationaltheatret. In 1995 he published a biography of his father. 

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