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Vincenzo Irolli (Italian painter) 1860 - 1949

Vincenzo Irolli enrolled at the of Naples Institute of Fine Arts, where his masters included Gioacchino Toma, in 1877 and graduated three years later. The work he presented regularly at the exhibitions of the Naples Società Promotrice di Belle Arti as from 1879 comprised portraits and genre scenes. He became a member of the Circolo Artistico Napoletano in 1890 and worked with Giovanni Migliaro and other local artists on decorations for the Caffè Gambrinus at the end of the decade. A regular participant in major national events, he also presented work at the Salon in Paris, where he won great success, and at international exhibitions, including London (1904), Munich (1909) and Barcelona (1911), where he was awarded a bronze medal. Alongside intense maternal figures, portraits of children and colourful scenes of everyday life, he also depicted religious subjects, as in the ten works presented at the Mostra di Arte Sacra of 1936 in Naples. His presence on the artistic scene ended only with his death in 1949. 

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