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Gaetano Bellei (Italian painter) 1857 - 1922

Gaetano Bellei was born in Modena, Italy on January 22, 1857.He was a pupil of the creative artists Adeodato Malatesta and Muzzioli In 1876 the artist received his first award. In 1880 he traveled to Rome where he perfected the principles and methods of the Academy de San Luca then he settled in Florence. in 1883 he participated in major national exhibitions Turin in 1893 Milan, Liege in 1906 Rome in 1911 Bellei devoted himself to paint traditional subjects and picturesque portraits of men, women and children. In addition he drew the clergy. He returned to his hometown Modena where he founded the Institute of Fine Arts.Gaetano Bellei died in 1922. 

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