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Julia Beck (Swedish painter and calligrapher) 1853 - 1935

Julia Beck was the daughter of bookbinder Mr Beck . She studied at the Academy of Art 1872-1878, and stood there for their artistically rendered subtitles. She then studied in Paris and Grez where she lived. She did, however, contact with Sweden. Already in the Academy of Fine Arts, she was close friends Karin Bergöö , Jenny Nyström and Eva Bonnier . 1934 she was awarded the Legion of Honor. Julia Beck has for long been a generally marginalized group of female artists whose names undeservedly been overlooked by their male generational peers. For many decades, was made the French-inspired Swedish outdoor painting history by artist Carl Fredrik Hill, Oscar Törnå, Karl Nordstrom and Nils Kreuger et al. For a number of years, however, time caught up with one group of women who also set up their easels in the open under the sun that swept into the French countryside and its continental picturesque views in a silvery light smoothing. It is now increasingly clear that alongside the old established opponents and artist unions were to mention names like Karin Bergöö and Emma Löwstedt whose paintings from ex. way, Grez-sur-Loing forever testify outstanding talent. The question is whether Julia Beck is the one of our female artists in France at the turn of 1800/1900 whose name most come to be recognized and taken into account in recent years. Good exposure on the major auction houses have led to high price quotations where her paintings, in some cases, come to touch one million level in the final price. 

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