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Stefan Wladislawowitsch Bakalowicz (Polish painter) 1857 - 1947

aka Step(h)an Bakalovich Bakalowicz got art education from his father at the Warsaw School of Drawing. In 1876-1881 he studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. Bakalovich then travels to Paris ( 1882-1883). visited Algeria (1883). Since 1883 he has lived in Rome, this time focusing entirely on the ancient theme. artist actively interested in the history of Italy, is involved in the excavation, travels around the peninsula. His paintings were a success, he became one of Pillars of late academicism. in 1903 Bakalovich visits Egypt. in 1914 the last time shown his work in St. Petersburg. From that time, the relationship of the artist with Russia dropped. The painter died in Rome in 1936, according to other sources in 1947. Stefan-Aleksandr Bakalowicz's work was rather unfairly overlooked by the academic world. Born in Poland and educated in the Imperial Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, he was fascinated by, and aligned his life with, Italy. The classical brushwork, small and highly textured brush strokes, the glazing, as well as the mandatory preparatory drawing was characteristic of Bakalowicz's works. The artist was widely known as the Russian Alma-Tadema. 

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