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Louis Apol (Dutch painter) 1850 - 1936

Lodewijk Frederik Hendrik (Louis) Apol was a Dutch painter and one of the most prominent representatives of the Hague School. The talent of Louis Apol was discovered early in his life and his father ordered private lessons for him. His teachers were J.F. Hoppenbrouwers and P.F. Stortenbeker. He received a scholarship from the Dutch King Willem III in 1868. Louis Apol specialized in winterscapes. People/figures are seldom found in his paintings. In 1880 Louis Apol took part in an expedition on the ss Willem Barents to Spitsbergen (Nova Zembla) in the Polar Sea. The impressions of this journey were a source of inspiration during his whole life. His work is widely spread and found in the USA, United Kingdom and Germany. The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag have work of Louis Apol in their collection. A street is named after him in the neighborhood of streets named after 19th and 20th century Dutch painters in Overtoomse Veld-Noord, Amsterdam.

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