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Roberto Ferri paintings, art prints on canvas

Roberto Ferri paintings, art prints on canvas

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01 September, 2022
Roberto Ferri paintings are sweating a post-Baroque style with a touch of fantasy art.

As many Artists, Ferri has his particular style and a way to depict his world, like none other.


Even the most experimental of Roberto Ferri's topics have a classical quality thanks to the dramatic lighting he employs in his paintings. Deep, nearly black backgrounds and warm skin tones and highlights evoke the erratic light of candles or oil lamps. The figures in the paintings are photorealistic in the style of Caravaggio, with almost grotesquely precise renderings of the skin, muscle, and hair textures. The figures move around the canvases in languid, dance-like motions.


Roberto Ferri paintings unique style and his formation

Ferri graduated from the "Lisippo" fine arts high school in Taranto in 1996 and started studying painting on his own. When he moved to Rome in 1999, he was able to start studying historical paintings in depth, focusing on works from the early 16th century to the late 19th century. Caravaggio and the Academy paintings in particular caught Ferri's eye (including Anne-Louis Girodet, Jacques-Louis David, Jean-Louis Theodore Gericault, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, William-Adolf Bouguereau, and Charles Gleyre).


Ferri got an honors degree in stage design from Rome's Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. Since 2009, she has worked with the Square Gallery, which is part of Liquid Art System's Fine Art department. Caravaggio and other Baroque painters, as well as the Old Masters of Romanticism, Academism, and Symbolism, have had a big impact on his work (including David, Moreau, Redon, Ingres, Girodet, Gleyre, Bouguereau, Gericault, Rops, and others).


His works are as accurate as those of the best figurative painters. They show a world where the artist's eye records and re-creates the order of things in a place where everything works, but there is also room for evil. Ferri brings dreams into the real world. In Roberto Ferri paintings, harmony is the most important part of the work, even though his subjects often stand in strange ways and look both human and heroic.


Roberto Ferri art prints on canvas

His paintings are extremely difficult to reproduce. Not only it requires skills from the painter that will copy Ferri's artwork, but it is time-consuming to paint all the details, textures and colors to recreate the overall atmosphere of each painting.

With prints on canvas of Roberto paintings, problem solved!


Our final artwork is printed on a high-quality cotton canvas, which gives a soft touch and realistic feel to the painting.

A professional artist calibrates the printer especially for each painting, adjusting the hue levels and contrast for an optimum result.

We are using only superior inks that will not fade over time, so your prints will last long.


Art prints of Roberto Ferri artworks

Offering the best value for your money, an art print at Poppin's shop is perfect to embellish your house at a fair price. Buying a real painting reproduction can be costly, and high-end prints on canvas of Roberto Ferri paintings will do just fine to embellish this place of life that you value so much.


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