Prints of classic art on canvas for home decoration

Prints of classic art on canvas for home decoration

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25 September, 2022
Are you looking for high-quality prints of classic art on canvas? You've come to the right place! We have an extensive collection of beautiful paintings

Our selection of prints of classic artworks includes works from the Renaissance period through modern times.

Whether you're interested in Renaissance prints of classic artworks on canvas or more contemporary pieces, we have something for everyone. From landscapes to portraits, we offer a wide variety of prints on canvas.


Our selection includes works by some of the world's greatest painters, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and others. If you're not sure what type of artwork would work well in your home, browse our gallery. Once you find the perfect piece, simply add it to your cart and checkout.

Periods in western artistic history

Classical artwork period start at the Renaissance, in Florence, in 1300 and ends with the start of Modern artists and the Impressionist around 1850.


It was a long and prolific period for the painted artwork, and all the chef d'oeuvres (masterpieces, excuse my French) that remains today are widely appreciated all over the world. There is a renewed interest for classic paintings, and contemporary artists like Roberto Ferri are mixing Romantic period influences with modern conceptions.


We are not considering Ancient classical art like Minoan, Ancient Greek, Roman or Medieval artistry from Early Christian to Gothic. Not that it wasn't great works, but just because not many are paintings that are easily printed on canvas, and that is the purpose of this website.


Here are the periods that concern us:


Renaissance c. 1300 – c. 1602, began in Florence

Italian Renaissance – late 13th century – c. 1600 – late 15th century – late 16th century
Renaissance Classicism
Early Netherlandish painting – 1400 – 1500
Early Cretan School - post-Byzantine art or Cretan Renaissance 1400-1500

Renaissance to Neoclassicism

Mannerism and Late Renaissance – 1520 – 1600, began in central Italy

Baroque – 1600 – 1730, began in Rome

Dutch Golden Age painting – 1585 – 1702
Flemish Baroque painting – 1585 – 1700
Caravaggisti – 1590 – 1650
Rococo – 1720 – 1780, began in France
Neoclassicism – 1750 – 1830, began in Rome
Later Cretan School - Cretan Renaissance 1500-1700
Heptanese School 1650-1830 began on Ionian Islands


Romanticism − 1780 – 1850

Nazarene movement – c. 1820 – late 1840s
The Ancients – 1820s – 1840s
Purismo – c. 1820 – 1860s
Düsseldorf school – mid-1820s – 1860s
Hudson River school – 1850s – c. 1880
Luminism (American art style) – 1850s – 1870s
Modern Greek art 1830–1930s began in Modern Greece

Romanticism to modern art

Norwich school – 1803 – 1833, England
Biedermeier – 1815 – 1848, Germany
Realism – 1830 – 1870, began in France
Barbizon school – 1830 – 1870, France

Peredvizhniki – 1870 – 1890, Russia

Abramtsevo Colony 1870s, Russia
Hague School – 1870 – 1900, Netherlands
American Barbizon school 1850–1890s – United States
Spanish Eclecticism – 1845 – 1890, Spain
Macchiaioli – 1850s, Tuscany, Italy
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood – 1848 – 1854, England


You can see straight away why we need a generic term to define a period that is wide in terms of artistic styles and influences.

Prints of classic art are perfect painting reproductions

A simple photo of an artwork does not cut it.

What makes a good painting reproduction is the skill of the painter, and the material used to reproduce such masterpiece.


Prints of classical art on a superior canvas with thick high-quality inks is the next best thing after an artwork forgery. The smooth cotton canvas, once printed, can be mounted on stretchers and framed to give the feeling that it is the real deal.

Thanks to high definition images of any classical paintings in our collection, it is easy to print on a beautiful canvas the image of your choice. It will have all the details of the original right, perfect colors, and you will not be able to tell it is a print, not an oil painting reproduction.


Below is a print of a Roberto Ferri artwork, that I had framed with a wooden black floating frame. Many of my friends are surprised when I tell them it is not a painting. I shit you not.

Prints of classic art on canvas with floating frame

Prints of classic art on canvas are a cheaper option than oil painting replicas

You can commission a painting reproduction of an artwork, and with the right painting studio, like at Paul Oeuvre Art, you will get an excellent result. No contest, oil painting reproductions are better: but at what price?

Let's see. Imagine you want to order a reproduction of Canaletto Capriccio Of The Rialto Bridge With The Lagoon Beyond in 100 x 63 cm (40 x 25 in).

Prints of classic art canaletto capriccio of the rialto bridge with the lagoon beyond


An oil painting reproduction, museum quality, will cost you 957 USD.

A print on top quality canvas, with superior professional inks, and a rendering of the image as 100% like the original, will cost you only 131 USD, and you can order it ready to hang!


Prints of classic art not only perfect, as it is an image of the original, but they look like the real thing for a fraction of the price.


What are Classical Art Prints?

Classic art prints are reproductions of classical paintings, which are mostly art created before 1850, until the Impressionists. After that period, the old school artistic movements started to fade, being replaced by a more modern approach to what is now considered art.


During what we call the classical period, emphasis was placed on reproducing everyday life, nature, and still life. It was mostly realism, and the touch of the painter was essential. Mostly, people working in painting studios were craftsmen. Clients usually commission paintings, describing what they expected, and the painter processed it.


Modern paintings are centered on the artist, and his vision of the world. The subject creating the painting is at the center of the creation process, and tries to convey an idea through his work.

The artist painter makes us see what he sees, how he approaches reality.

It is entirely different from the classical approach, in which the external world was represented as we saw it.

Classic art prints for your home decoration

Why are classic art prints popular?

Classical art was the canon for centuries, and we all grew up knowing famous paintings.

There is a renewal of interest in the work of the old masters like Da Vinci, Canaletto, Gerome, Titian, and many more.

Besides the nostalgia, these artworks are simply superb.


We can like Basquiat, or the work of JonOne, I agree with that. But modern paintings hardly compete in terms of beauty and finesse of the artwork with the old school paintings.


If classic art prints are popular, I think it is as well because of their prices. Making an oil painting reproduction, hand-made, requires significant effort, and costs more money. A beautiful classical artwork on canvas is quite as good, for a fraction of the price (starting at around 50 USD). Once it is mounted on stretchers and framed, you can hardly tell it is not the real deal.


The other advantage of an impression on canvas is that it is an EXACT replica of the artwork. If a painting is handmade, most of the time you will rely on the copyist's skills to make a perfect copy.

A print on canvas of any artwork is a high-definition photo on a piece of cotton (to simplify). There is no discrepancy between it and the real painting details.


How to Choose the Right Classic Art Print

Choosing what you will hang on your walls is primarily a matter of taste.

A few things have to come into account, like:

  • The colors that dominate your interior.
  • The place allowed to hang the masterpiece. Portrait or landscape orientation? A meter wide or less?
  • The atmosphere of the room is important. Is it a kitchen, a living room, or a bedroom?


How to Hang a Classic Art Print

The simplest way is to order your classic art prints with a frame. Like that, when it arrives to your home, you just have to hang it on the wall.

That said, you can choose to order simply the canvas, and have it mounted in your country. In that case, it's not really complicated either.


The easiest solution would be to bring your canvas rolled to a professional. A simple search on Google with the keywords "Frame canvas near me" will give you all the best options available.

You can as well do it yourself if you are a little of a handyman. The different parts are easy to purchase, and mounting a canvas on stretchers takes minutes.


A finished artwork is composed of three different parts:

  • The print on canvas. That is the image you ordered; we always add a 5 to 8 cm white margin around the image for mounting purpose.
  • The stretchers. They are the wood structure you will fix the canvas on. Easy to buy in any size on the internet.
  • The frame. That is the decorative wood piece that is around the canvas, already mounted. It can be of the color of your choice, expensed plastic or wood are my favorite choices

A classic art print is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your home. When ordering your artwork, make sure to consider the size and how you want to hang it.

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