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What Is UV Offset Printing?

What Is UV Offset Printing?

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25 October, 2021
Printing techniques have advanced significantly in recent years. UV offset printing, which uses ultraviolet light to cure ink, is one notable advancement.

UV printing is becoming more widely available as more forward-thinking printing companies incorporate UV technology. UV printing has a number of advantages, ranging from a wider range of substrates to shorter production times.


Ultraviolet (UV) Technology
UV printing, as the name suggests, uses ultraviolet technology to cure ink almost instantly. While the process is similar to that of traditional offset printing, there are significant differences in the ink itself as well as the method of drying it.

Traditional offset printing employs traditional solvent-based inks that evaporate slowly, allowing them to absorb into the paper. Colors can become less vibrant due to the absorption process. This is referred to as dry back by printers and is much more noticeable on uncoated stocks.

UV printing uses special inks that have been designed to dry and cure when exposed to ultraviolet light sources inside the press. Because there is almost no dry back, UV inks can be bolder and more vibrant than traditional offset inks. Sheets are immediately ready for the next operation after being printed and delivered to the delivery stacker. This results in a more efficient workflow and, in many cases, faster turnaround times, with cleaner lines and less chance of smudging.


The Advantages of UV offset Printing

A broader selection of printing materials

Synthetic paper is commonly used in the packaging and labeling of products that require moisture-resistant materials. Because synthetic paper and plastics resist absorption, traditional offset printing required significantly longer dry times. UV printing, due to its instant drying process, can accommodate a wide range of materials that are typically less suited to conventional inks. We can now easily print on cotton canvas. This also reduces the possibility of smearing or smudging, resulting in a clean design free of flaws.



Enhanced Durability

Colors such as yellow and magenta would typically fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight when printing CMYK posters with conventional offset. This would result in the poster appearing as a black and cyan duotone, despite the fact that it was originally full-color. Posters and other products that are exposed to sunlight are now shielded by inks that have been cured by an ultraviolet light source. As a result, the product is more durable and fade-resistant, and it will last for longer periods of time than traditional printed materials.


Eco-Friendly Printing

UV printing is also environmentally friendly. UV printing inks, unlike some traditional inks, do not contain any harmful toxins. This reduces the possibility of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being released during evaporation. Poppins'shop is always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. This is just one of the reasons we use UV offset printing in our processes.

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