How to stretch a canvas print on a wooden frame?

How to stretch a canvas print on a wooden frame?

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24 October, 2021
Without being a handyman, a canvas print can be mounted on a wooden frame in 5 minutes, watch in hand. This is how to do it with a simple method.

It is clear to me that many people have no idea how to mount a print on canvas on a frame, and often ask a framer to do it - which can be expensive.

But frankly, it is simple and takes only a few minutes, even with no experience, with just basic equipment.

You will need the following materials:

1. The above print on canvas, preferable purchased at our shop or any canvas.

2. The 4 wood uprights of the frame (5 if the canvas is larger).

3. A good stapler (or a hammer and small upholstery nails).

4. A clamp to pull the canvas (not compulsory, but more practical).

Tools used for stretching a canvas on a wood frame

Mounting a canvas print on a wooden frame

The first step is to bring the wooden frame uprights together. Position them on the ground, so that the 4 uprights of the future frame form 90 degrees angles; that seems logical, but hey ... To achieve this, use a square, or an object that has a 90 degrees angle, such as a book for example.


Put a double staple on each corner, where the frame posts meet, to assemble it. It is best to keep an angle of 45 degrees with the edge of the frame.

Stapling the corners of a wooden stretcher


Once done, unroll your print on canvas, which you received in its secure cardboard tube. Place it face down on a protective surface so as not to damage the printed side (a blanket or tablecloth will do), and adjust the previously stapled frame to the square with the painted edges of the canvas turned over to match the artwork edges; there is usually an overhang of 5 to 10 cm on each side.

Image article décoration How to stretch a canvas print on a wooden frame?

The most important thing to staple the canvas to the frame is to proceed in the right order, to acquire optimal tension. We start in the middle and continue with the opposite face (see diagram).

So, starting from either side, fold the canvas over the frame and put 3 staples 2-3 centimeters apart. The first few times it is better to use more than necessary, with practice you will use less.

Now stretch the canvas as hard as possible, with the help of a third person or using pliers, and staple the opposite side in the same way. Do the same for the other two sides, then go to the interiors, following the order shown in the diagram. If you are stretching a very wide canvas, take more steps to stretch the canvas properly.

Image article How to stretch a canvas print on a wooden frame?

Once the canvas is stretched, fold the corners and staple them to the back of the canvas as in the photo above.

Once this is done, do not hesitate to add staples between the various points previously fixed, in order to complete the tour of the frame, and thus to consolidate it.


And there you have it, your print on canvas is mounted on its frame, all you have to do is hang it on the wall!

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