Keith Haring Prints on Paper Framed

Keith Haring Prints on Paper Framed

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17 July, 2023
Are you looking for meaningful and thought-provoking framed prints for your space? Keith Haring’s work might interest you. This American artist gained reco

Are you looking for meaningful and thought-provoking framed prints for your space? Keith Haring’s work might interest you. This American artist gained recognition for his bold pieces that conveyed positive messages and social activism. Emerging in the vibrant 1980s New York City art scene, Haring used his art as a powerful tool to address pertinent social issues. Despite the passing of decades, Haring's works still resonate globally, inspiring contemporary artists and art enthusiasts alike.

Haring passed away in 1990, but his message lives on through his works. The good news is you can have one or more of his prominent creations displayed in your home or workspace through custom framed prints. Simply find a reputable service provider that can faithfully reproduce his work’s bold lines, graphic elements, and vibrant colors on high-quality 320 GSM Ilford photographic paper rag with a matboard, modern composite framing, anti-dust mount board, and plexiglass glaze. That way, you can proudly showcase his art on your wall.


About Haring’s prints

Keith Haring’s creations often show different pop culture icons, including flying saucers, radiant babies, dancing figures, and barking dogs. He carefully made every image with a one-of-a-kind message aiming to empower and spark hope and joy.

Haring knows the power of art in creating positive change. As such, he also used his platform to call light to important and long-standing issues like racism, poverty, and AIDS. One of his most popular framed prints to date is ‘Silence=Death,’ which became a widely recognized image symbolizing resistance to social injustice and showcasing the AIDS crisis.

Best of Keith Haring

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