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Keith Haring prints

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18 November, 2022
Keith Haring prints are perfect reproductions of the artist's artworks. Choose between prints on canvas, framed paper prints, or even oil painting replicas

Keith was mostly a graffiti artist, and his chosen canvas was the walls of the city. That is why there are no "wrong" reproductions of his art. What is essential is keeping the message and the colors, through a perfect copy of the drawings.

The medium can be a giclée imprint on canvas, or a photo printed on paper then framed, or even fancier, an oil painting reproduction. All give good results.


Keith Haring prints on canvas

These are made on a superior cotton canvas, thick as the ones we use for painting a replica. They differ from regular canvas as they are primed with a gesso, which basically is a first layer of non-porous material preventing the ink to soak the tissue. Because canvas is, after all, only a piece of fabric.


We do not use cheap polyester canvas, but only thick cotton canvas. It gives a better feel of the artwork, like if it was painted on it, not just printed with inks. The quality of the canvas is determined by the quality of the cotton and its weight - ours is the thickest, with 320 grams per square meters (GSM).


We use an Epson professional printer for the impression, with our technician calibrating the machine for each print differently. Only grade A Japanese inks are used, and they are guaranteed 100 years.


After a work on photoshop to prepare the picture for printing, and make sure that contrast and hue level are correct, we print the picture, let the canvas dry a day, then, and only then, we apply an extra varnish on top of it.


Why do we apply a varnish on your canvas print?

By adding an extra layer of varnish, your canvas print will look even better. When you put varnish on your canvas print, it not only makes the colors stand out and pop, but it also makes a layer on top of the print that is not porous.

There are a few important things that a varnish layer does. First, it keeps dirt, grime, dust, and even cigarette smoke from building up on the image and causing it to fade more. Second, the layer of UV varnish makes a waterproof seal and prevents the image from turning yellow if it is left in a sunny room. Lastly, a varnish layer makes your canvas print less reflective.

With our extra varnish protecting your print on canvas, your artwork will always be new.

Animation Keith Haring

Keith haring prints on paper framed

Again, we use the best quality of paper for your artwork. They are few great paper manufacturer in the world, you probably know Canson, and Ilford is one of them. From their high-quality paper collection, we selected the Ilford smooth cotton rag 310 GSM, for his clear mat surface. It really gives a beautiful result for your framed Keith Haring art.


The printing of the artwork is done as for the canvas print, except it is on paper. The difference being that we now need to frame your chosen piece of Keith art. Framing is encapsulating a printed paper on a very specific contraption.


Let me explain what is this bizarre thing. And as nothing beats a good drawing...

(Noticed the sales pitch? :))

Keith Haring prints on paper framed

Here is, briefly, the composition of your framed paper print. It is not only a piece of paper, as you can see.

  1. Frame - a decorative piece of composite material or wood, with only one purpose... decoration. It embellishes your print and must fit your interior design.
  2. Glazing - a transparent piece of plexiglass or glass, protecting your framed Keith Haring prints from degradation.
  3. Window mat - a piece of cardboard or fabric, with a hole in it, that will your delimit chosen artwork and enhance it.
  4. Matboard and photo - the matboard is the piece of cardboard your photo is fixed on. The photo is fixed on it, so it does not slip over time. It can be a separate piece, or be one with the window mat. It is called matboard as well, then. The image is printed on Ilford superior photographic paper, as we mentioned earlier.
  5. Filler board - A sturdy piece of cardboard, thick and strong, that reinforce the back of your photo and fasten the whole piece.
  6. Back paper and tape - Finally, a craft paper covers the back of the framed work, and we use tape around it to prevent dust to penetrate the whole piece. Otherwise, it would become dirty quickly, and you would have to disassemble everything just to clean it.


The result is a beautiful product, that will last a lifetime.


Keith Haring prints on paper framed of Andy Mouse 1986

Oil painting reproductions of Keith haring artworks

The last option at our shop, and not the least, is the painting reproduction.


For Keith Haring oil painting reproductions, we work use the same top quality cotton canvas than for the prints. It is an already gesso primed canvas, and the thickness prevents it for shrinking over time.


We first draw the outline of the Keith Haring art on the canvas, straight with a charcoal pencil, then it is the matter to mix the colors properly to reach the right hue. The painting can be done with oil paint, or with acrylic paint, depending on the model.


A painting reproduction is, of course, the best choice, and it stays in Keith spirit, as his weapon of choice was often oil painting.

Keith haring is considered a graffiti artist; hence we just assume he was working with spray paint, but that is not the case. He was drawing with chalk on the blackboards of New York subways, and most of his creations were made with paint and brushes. Ordering a Keith Haring painting is close to the masters' spirit as it gets.

Keith Haring prints as oil painting reproduction Acrobats
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