Tips For Styling Modern Classical Art

Tips For Styling Modern Classical Art

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11 October, 2023
When it comes to interior decor, classical art holds a unique charm that effortlessly blends tradition with style.

When it comes to interior decor, classical art holds a unique charm that effortlessly blends tradition with style. These timeless pieces captivate with their intricate detail, rich history, and ability to evoke deep emotional responses. Incorporating them into your modern decor isn't just about hanging a painting on the wall—it’s an art that adds depth, texture, and a refined aesthetic to any living space. But how do you style classical art in a way that feels fresh and contemporary?


Choice of frame


Choosing the right frame for your classical prints is crucial as it can significantly influence the overall aesthetics of your decor. For a modern twist, consider opting for minimalist frames with clean lines and sleek finishes. These contemporary styles can provide a striking contrast to the intricate detailing of classical art, creating an intriguing interplay between the old and the new. Such combinations can effortlessly bring a sense of modernity to your space while still preserving the timeless appeal of classical art.


Keep decor minimal


Overcrowded walls or too many decorative elements can detract from the beauty of the artwork and make your space appear cluttered. Instead, let classical art be the focal point. Choose simple furniture, use a neutral color palette, and keep other decor elements to a minimum. This approach not only allows your classical art print to command attention but also creates a harmonious balance between the modern and traditional aspects of your decor.

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Experiment with placement


The placement of your classical art print can also make a significant impact on how it's perceived. Instead of hanging it on a blank wall, consider placing it against a bold-colored backdrop or incorporating it into a gallery wall with other modern artwork. You can even try leaning the print against the wall on a shelf or console table for an unconventional look.


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