Sarah Goodridge Paintings and the Art of Miniature Portraits

Sarah Goodridge Paintings and the Art of Miniature Portraits

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15 December, 2023
You must have come across the Sarah Goodridge painting 'Beauty Revealed' and thought.

You must have come across the Sarah Goodridge painting 'Beauty Revealed' and thought: How could someone capture such delicate details in a miniature painting?

That's the magic of Goodridge's artistry. Her talent for creating lifelike miniature portraits, with her keen observation and meticulous brushwork, is what sets her apart in the world of art. But like any other success story, it did not come easy for Goodridge.

When did it all begin?

Goodridge's fascination with drawing started at a very young age. Growing up on a farm, she had limited resources to fulfill her artistic cravings. But that didn't stop her. She drew on anything she could find, be it the sanded kitchen floor or sheets of peeled birch bark.

In her late teens, Goodridge moved to Boston, where she briefly studied with a miniature painter before opening her own studio. Her talent and passion for art caught the eye of renowned portrait painter Gilbert Stuart, which proved to be a turning point in her career.

The art of miniature portraits

Goodridge's most famous Sarah Goodridge painting, 'Beauty Revealed,' is a self-portrait featuring her exposed breasts and beauty mark. The painting showcases her expert use of color gradation, creating a three-dimensional effect in a small canvas.

Her talent and reputation as an artist quickly grew, with many notable figures (including Gilbert Stuart himself) commissioning her for their portraits. Despite facing challenges as a female artist in a male-dominated industry, Goodridge's dedication and skill made her one of the most prolific miniature painters of her time.

Best of Sarah Goodridge

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