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    What is a canvas print?

    16 September, 2021
    A canvas print is an image printed on a weaved fabric, called canvas, with an inkjet printer, bigger than the one you have at home. For more details...

    What is a canvas made of?

    Canvas for oil painting are made of cotton, linen, or a mix of the two, at different weight per square meter. That is for oil paintings or acrylic paintings, since artists stopped to paint on wood planks, in the 14th to 16th century. 


    However, as the fabric absorbs too much of the wet pigments - called paint - the surface is usually treated with a gesso, to prevent the paint from coming into direct contact with the canvas fibers (which would eventually cause the canvas to decay). A gesso is simply an extra non-porous surface added to the canvas- usually a coat of paint or plaster, or a liquid plastic compound.


    What about canvas for inkjet printers?

    Inkjet print is a computer-based printing technique that recreates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto the surface of the fabric.

    Cheaper canvasses can be made only of polyester, or get mixed with a more natural component, most of the time poly-cotton. The best canvases are in cotton with a gesso. Our canvases are manufactured with a high quality 100% pure cotton canvas base, coated with a new advanced technology of microporous coating. They are water resistant and specially designed, so they can produce true Fine Art Reproductions that require precision images with a very high resolution.


    How do we print on canvas?


    Prints are made with a professional printer, using high-quality inks for durable sustainability.

    The printer is set up for each print individually, to render the image with maximum efficiency and the right colors.

    We basically use the same printer that the one you have at home, but bigger and better.


    Our professional technician is always there for maintenance, cleaning and fine-tuning, to make sure the image we print is at its best.

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    Just wanted to send photos of the private restaurant restrooms where we used the artwork you made for us. Thanks everyone loves it.
    (Chris Heffinger, US)